Nuggets: Flash thoughts from Panasonic

If you consider yourself far too digitally savvy to use a pen and paper to jot down your wildest fantasies then take a look at these.

Panasonic has brought out a brace of IC Memory Recorders. Both using built-in flash memory to store your words, there's the top of the range RR-QR240 -- giving up to 4 hours of recording -- and the cheapskate option -- giving an hour of recording time.

You keep your recordings in folders that hold up to 99 files each. The top model has four of these folders, the bottom has two. You can jump straight into any file by entering the folder and file number. Each one is given a stamp showing the date, time and duration of recording. If any of these files are particularly scurrilous you can lock them to stop your girlfriend getting access.

Both models have VAS (Voice Activated System) that starts the machine recording automatically when sound is detected. A two--step microphone setting allows you to select the volume level to start recording.

Timer recording and playback let you set recording times over 24 hours -- useful for spies -- and playback lets you leave a message for someone while you're away. If there is any reason in the world why you would ever want to do that, that is.

Other features include an LCD, intro-scan that plays the first few seconds of each file, and a divide function to let you split files into multiple chunks.

In the shops from March for £79.99 and £99.99.

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