Nuggets: Go go printers

Be amazed by hi-res printers from Epson

Printers make the world go round. We can never get enough of them. We love printers and want more, more, more models to choose from.

Well that's what Epson reckons anyway, and it'll keep churning out new models until we choke on them.

The EPL-5800 is its 1200dpi resolution offering. It's got a print speed of up to 10 pages per minute, USB and parallel interfaces and comes with the usual bundle of software.

Out now for £319.

It's also launched something for the bottom level of the market, with its Stylus colour 670 model. This offers 1440dpi PhotoReal output and a print speed of five printed pages per minute.

It comes bundled with Photo Enhance 4 and Corel Custom Photo software for enhancing image quality and is out now for £99.

And that's it from Epson, for the moment.

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