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A handful of new features and some major tweaking give us the latest version of MGI Software's video editing software, VideoWave III.

MGI reckons this is the first such product to offer support for both analogue video capture hardware, including USB cameras, the new Digital Video camcorders and the digital PC connection standards such as FireWire.

The new version includes an updated set of drivers that support any card, meaning there are none of those frustrating special configuration settings when using different camcorders or cards.

Also new is SmartDV, a technology that only renders or produces parts of a DV video that have been edited, which should help speed up the creation of your video masterpiece. The MPEG engine has also been improved so it now supports real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 capture.

New capture and publishing templates help video editing novices select their hardware, and the type of video output required without having to mess around with fiddly settings like frame rates and codecs. MGI's also chucked in a load of StoryLine templates for events such as parties, weddings and business presentations.

As an added bonus, from March you'll be able to download extra free features, including MP3 support and the ability to capture from VideoCDs.

In the shops now for £79.99.

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