Nuggets: Hooge capacity CD/DVD alternative from C3D

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Hot damn that thing's hooge!

If maximum bang for your buck is top priority next time you're after a removable media system, you could do worse than looking at C3D .

C3D reckons it has developed a range of new removable media formats that could blow away CD-ROM, MiniDisc, smart media and DVD if it catches on. At a product demonstration today in Israel, C3D says it will demonstrate a CD-style 10-layer media format with 140GB capacity. And that's nothing compared to the capacities C3D is still developing.

Current industry standard SmartMedia cards hold up to 64MB. A CD-ROM's capacity is around 650MB. Similarly, DVD comes in at around 17.5GB. But amazingly, C3D claims it will soon unveil a 100-layer backwards compatible CD-based format -- that's enough room for a terabyte of data on a single disc. All of which makes the reality of C3D's current announcement a little easier to accept. Remember, Monday's Israel demo, followed up by a second demo later this month in Silicon Valley will feature:

  • Backwards compatible CD-style format supporting 140GB on a single disc.

  • A credit card form factor format with 20-layers, supporting 10GB.

  • Media players that will be able to play your old CDs and DVDs.

Oh and by the way... C3D is looking for technology partners. Any takers?

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