Nuggets: HP powers up OmniBook range

SpeedStep keeps 'em going the last mile

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Hewlett-Packard has given its whole line of OmniBook notebooks a boost, upgrading them all to offer Intel Pentium III processors.

The line will also incorporate Intel's SpeedStep technology, announced this week. This lets notebooks power down from 600MHz or 650MHz to 500MHz when running on the battery. Which means that it should keep going just that little bit longer.

The new OmniBook line up is as follows.

The OmniBook 4150, at £2,982, is powered by a 650MHz Mobile Pentium III, has a 14-inch screen, 128MB RAM, an 18GB hard disk, 6x DVD player and ATI Mobility M1 video chip. Out by the end of the month.

The OmniBook 900 also features a 650MHz Mobile Pentium III processor. It's got a slightly smaller screen at 13-inches, 64MB RAM and a 12GB hard disk. In the shops some time next month for £2,546.

Finally, the OmniBook 900 has a 600MHz Mobile Pentium III processor, 13-inch screen, 64MB RAM and a 6GB hard disk. Out in February for £2,359.

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