Nuggets: Huge Sony party screen for films and games

For under two grand your living room will be the place to be for this year's Christmas and Millennium parties. Sony makes sure your telly will be bigger than your mate's.

Fancy having a life-size Lara bouncing across your lounge? Or how about seeing if the Blair Witch Project can actually be scary when its happening on the walls of your own home?

Sony Broadcast & Professional has released a funky new video projector to capture the imagination of the festive consumer. Smaller than the average laptop computer and decked out in purple and grey livery, the new VPL-CS1 is a high quality, lowish-cost portable video projector aimed squarely at the home market.

It's liquid crystal display is suitable for video and data projection, but Sony thinks it'll come into it's own when displaying huge live projections of landmarks such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower during private Millennium bashes.

Features include:

  • Digital keystroke compensation of up to 15 degrees, which helps to adjust distortion on upwardly projected images.

  • Digital scan convertor, making the projector compatible with all existing computer inputs from VGA up to SXGA and all six world standards.

  • A remote control which includes USB and PS/2 compatible mouse functions.

  • Additional PC software for quality presentation.

  • A USB hub for multiple peripherals.

  • Stereo speaker set

Available from December, the Sony VPL-CS1 is expected to set you back around £1,700.

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