Nuggets: Labtec shows off poor man's surround sound

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It even works if you're one of those poor people with just two output channels.

That audio expert Labtec has unveiled its autumn range of PC speakers. The LCS-2514 is a four-channel surround sound system that it's designed for those of you with quad-output sound cards, and optimised for reproducing sound effects encoded with 3D technologies, such as Aureal's A3D.

For your money you get a five speaker-system -- two front satellite speakers, two rear satellite speakers with mounting brackets, and a black wood-enclosed subwoofer. All the speakers have their own volume controls for front and rear.

To prevent people owning soundcards with only two output channels from feeling left out, Labtec has come up with its patented M3D Matrix Surround Sound technology. This does its best to simulate four-channel sound effects by separating background music and atmospheric effects from speech, vocals and directional sounds. These sounds are sent to the rear satellite channels, with the main audio signal broadcast by the front speakers. Giving you poor man's surround sound.

For bass-heads, the Real-Time Parameter Variable Dynamic Bass Equalisation monitors the bass content and adjusts the equalisation to cut down on that horrible distortion.

Give your ears a treat for £69.99. On the shelves in October.

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