Nuggets: Learn to type with virtual teacher

Non-patronising keyboard advice from NikaSoft...

NikaSoft's latest, and indeed only, software release would make a good last minute Christmas present for one of your more keyboard-challenged relations.

Touch Typing NoW! is an interactive video software typing tutor, which NikaSoft claims can teach touch typing in under 10 hours.

You're in the hands of an interactive video teacher, who will "correct and encourage" you through the course and works in conjunction with an onscreen 3D keyboard with animated shadow hands emulating your hand movements on the real keyboard.

Not wanting to patronise its customers or anything, NikaSoft reckon that most other typing courses try to teach too quickly and so its course starts with teaching you just two keys at a time. And whenever you make a mistake the teacher will interject and offer you loads of really annoying advice.

The course is split into 19 lessons, with a choice of five different skill tests to examine speed and accuracy at the end of lessons. To celebrate getting to lesson five you get access to games such as Tetris that have been adapted to test typing skills. If for some bizarre reason you have a burning desire to talk to other struggling typists then you can access NikaSoft's online chat forum.

In the shops now for £24.99.

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