Nuggets: Little and large

Sharp makes some very cool pieces of kit. It also makes monitors. From next month it will have two new LCDs to get excited about -- an 18-inch and a 15-inch.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

Both LCD monitors display over 16 million colours and feature a new backlight with a rated life of 50,000 hours, meaning you should get about 28 years of faithful service from your new pal.

The 15-inch LL-T155A has a display area equivalent to a 17-inch CRT monitor, according to Sharp. There's a stand on the back for changing viewing angle and on-screen display control functions. Wowee.

If you're a big boy and want a big toy, there's the 18-inch LL-T181A. Weighing 14kg and only 80mm deep, it's got two PC inputs for those of you with more computers than sense. A change over switch on the front of the monitor lets you alternate between the two PC.

It's also got SXGA resolution to keep things nice and bright.

£750 will get you the 15-inch, but you'll have to splash out a whopping £1900 if you want to go large.

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