Nuggets: More cool graphics stuff from Adobe

New versions of GoLive and Illustrator are web smart

With Macromedia peering over its shoulder, Adobe's got no time to rest on its laurels. Keeping the product pumping out, it's releasing new versions of GoLive and Illustrator.

GoLive 5.0 boasts over 100 new features and enhancements, a large proportion of which were shoved in to smooth out collaboration between coders and designers.

There's an on-board interactive editor for editing multimedia, a 360Code feature to give you control over any Web design source code, improved site planning and management, asset check in and out through Web DAV support, and 'smart links' to give you drag-and-drop object sharing with other Adobe products.

GoLive 5 is out next month for £199 for the full version, £59 for the upgrade.

Adobe's also been hard at work Web-ing up its vector graphics tool.

Illustrator 9.0 has been designed and tweaked to optimise it for creating Web graphics, letting you transform fully editable artwork into compact vector, raster or animated Web graphics. There's built-in support for Flash and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) formats, letting you produce smaller vector files to download faster.

There are also a load of new transparency features so that you can apply a range of transparency effects to any object, including raster images and type, making underlying objects visible.

Other new features include live object and layer effects, graphic styles, and layer enhancements to let you edit as you go without changing the original artwork.

Illustrator 9.0 is out next month for £249 or £95 for the upgrade version.

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