Nuggets: OKI goes iMac with compact printer

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Oh look, another iMac wannabee

The first thing that strikes you about OKI's iMacish 8iM printer is that it's not a particularly good looking piece of kit. Alright, so looks aren't everything, but come on chaps, if you're trying to cash in on the success of Mr Jobs and his army of consumer designers, the least you can do is produce a babe.

The 8iM is quite fast -- 8ppm (er, that's pages per minute) and the print output is actually very good, with sharp edges on graphics and crisp, clear resolution on text output. Output is 600 x 600 and there's 2 Mb of RAM as standard.

Best of all though, is OKI's attention to cost of ownership. Unlike some printer manufacturers -- who we're far too scared of to name -- OKI has done an admirable job of ensuring the consumables are easy to replace and cheap at that. You get around 10,000 A4 pages from 1 drum unit and around 1,500 pages for the toner. On other machines, if the toner goes, the drum goes and that means cash...

So all in all, not a bad little printer but for £259, check out the competition.

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