Nuggets: Philips' egg shaped USB offerings

Philips swans in with latest Vesta video cams...

They're USB and they're egg-shaped. They're Philips' latest PC video cameras, the Vesta and the Vesta Pro.

The Vesta captures video at up to 15 frames per second, and the Vesta Pro at 30 frames per second. Both come with V-mail software for sending video emails, VideoLink software for setting up video conferencing, Microsoft Netmeeting, and Photo Express giving you templates and tools for photo and image editing. With the Vesta Pro you also get the bonus of a video editing suite.

An automatic video adjustment function gives control over the contrast, white balance and backlight compensation, and the variable focus lens can be manually adjusted. Both models also have built-in microphones.

Both are in the shops now, the Vesta for £70 and the Vesta Pro for £80.

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