Nuggets: Philips pumps up the volume

CeBIT preparations are well under way. Philips gets us started
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

More CeBIT PC peripherals stuff from Philips.

Aiming to keep its audio reputation intact, Philips has upgraded its multimedia speaker range with a couple of new models.

The MMS140 (£15) and MMS240 (£20), housed in a silver casing, both feature 'hi-fi multimedia' sound, Dynamic Bass Boost, sub-woofer and magnetic shielding.

The MMS 240 gives you 15 Watts of sound and Philips' Incredible Surround technology, giving you a faux 3D sound effect. Another Philips technology, Ultra Bass, does exactly what it says on the tin. The MMS140 gives 10 Watts of musical power. For the drop in price you loose Ultra Bass but get Dynamic Bass Boost in compensation.

A built-in Sound Agent feature lets you download drivers to upgrade any new software features that come along.

Oh and both models can be pumped up by adding a sub-woofer.

Out in April.

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