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CapShare lets you copy it, and carry it around with you...

The HP CapShare 910 handheld copier got some pretty good reviews when it came out earlier this year. And its size certainly made it much easier to use than the pen-like portable copiers that are also around. So HP has gone and updated it, giving us the CapShare 920.

This is a 355g device that you slide over a document to get an immediate electronic copy. You can then send this, either via infrared or standard serial cable, to a laptop, handheld or PC for printing, editing or storing. Also, if you really can't get to any of those, you can store up to 50 A4 pages in the CapShare itself. If you've got an infrared printer you can just beam the document straight to it for instant printing. The infrared was one of the things that was a little dodgy on the 910, but HP say that it's tightened up all the connectivity options.

There is a "flip chart option" for capturing large pages of text, and a "graphics mode" for copying graphics-intensive documents such as pie charts and graphs.

As well as laptops and PCs, the 920 communicates with all handhelds running Windows CE, the Psion Series 5, infrared-enabled printers, and the Nokia Communicator. Bundled with the copier is ScanSoft's PagisPro 2.0, which lets you drag and drop copied documents into PC applications like Word.

Out now for £369+VAT. See it at

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