Nuggets: Spiritual speakers from VideoLogic

Videologic Siroccos... like music to your ears!

Those of you that think your PC speakers are as important as your hi-fi speakers should be pleased to hear that VideoLogic has brought out a price-busting model based on its high-end Sirocco range.

The Sirocco Spirit consists of two wood construction desktop speakers, each with bass/midrange drive unit and separate tweeter. An integrated 4-channel amplifier is contained in the right hand speaker.

VideoLogic has done away with separate bass and treble controls, replacing them with an acoustically accurate dual shelving filter. Called an Attitude control, this works by graduating the whole audio profile from deep bass to high treble, which VideoLogic claims works to retain the integrity of the original audio source. The speakers' Dynamic Virtual Sub Technology is also meant to give bass performance without a separate subwoofer.

There are two separate inputs that let you connect the speakers to non-PC devices such as MiniDisc and MP3 players.

On the shelves now for £139.99.

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