Nuggets: Supersonic graphics card is a-comin'

If you're into high-performance graphics you're gonna lust after the GeForce2 Ultra

Only a few months after it released the GeForce2 GTS, nVidia has launched a new contender -- the GeForce2 Ultra graphics processing unit (GPU), which promises even faster performance than before.

Creative Labs says it'll employ a GeForce 2 Ultra GPU on a graphics card next month.

The Ultra can render a whopping one billion pixels per second, and the promise of 31 million sustained triangles per second will have enthusiasts howling with pleasure.

The GeForce2 Ultra is everything that nVidia wanted the GTS to be. The trick to making a buzzing graphics card is to slap on a snappy processor and then pack the thing with masses of the quickest memory around. NVidia has filled the Ultra -- clocked at 250MHz -- with 64Mb of four nanosecond (ie pretty damn quick) double data rate SDRAM.

Looking at the specification this processor should offer phenomenal performance.

NVidia expects cards based on the Ultra to retail at around $499 in the States. No UK prices were offered.

But you can bet us Brits won't get off lightly!

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