Nuggets: Tosh camera gets reworked

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Tosh camera gets snappy performance

Toshiba's PDR-M4, is basically an updated version of its PDR-M1. Maximum resolution has been increased from 1280 x 1024 to over 2 mega pixels -- 1600 x 1200. Like the earlier model you can also choose an alternative lower resolution, for use on the Web, of 800 x 600 -- up from the PDR-M1's 640 x 480.

Shutter speed has also been increased, with the QuickShot feature now meaning only one second between shots, compared to the usual 6-8 seconds, a major improvement over its predecessor. The Multi-shot mode shoots 16 frames in four seconds, saving them as a compressed single frame. While in Burst-shot mode the camera allows up to four full-sized photos to be taken in one second, leaving you to choose your favourite. Toshiba claims it has developed a simple, intuitive user interface -- hmmm, a digital camera with a straight forward user interface, is there such a thing? The display will include selected resolution, remaining memory capacity and compression level (actually not that different from the PDR-M1).

It comes bundled with Image Expert software for image downloading, which you can do through a USB or serial cable, comes in brushed aluminium and has a built-in sliding lens cap. Available in July for £450.

Oh and before you ask we have no idea why Tosh skipped 3 generations to arrive at PDR-M4 from the PDR-M1, but if you're in marketing and care to share a view...

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