Nuggets: Turn your Mac into a PC

Now you can stick with your principles and run PC software too

Brotherly love...

Mac owners tend to be fiercely loyal to Apple and scornful of all things PC or Windows based. However, there's no denying that most of the world does actually run on a PC, which gets a bit frustrating for our Mac owning buddies. What's needed is some PC emulation software to let you run Windows applications, access PC networks and open Window files.

Connectix has just brought out the third version of its Virtual PC software, which does exactly that.

New features in the latest version include USB support and Sound Blaster 16 support. Connectix also claims that users of will now experience faster PC performance and network access.

What you get for your money is Windows 95 and 98 and a range of PC DOS versions. The software emulates standards-based components, including Intel's Pentium MMX, SoundBlaster 16 and S3 video.

In the shops now for £129.

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