Nuggets: Webcam offer - how will you use yours?

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VideoLogic's new USB HomeC@m must be one of the first webcams that's not round.

However it's got plenty more than that to make it worthy of your attention. For a start its 350K pixel CCD sensor means that it can capture motion video and still images at resolutions of up to 640 x 480. Most webcams only get up to 320x240, and those that get higher, such as Logitech's QuickCam Pro, sell for almost twice the price of the HomeC@m. Full-motion video is captured at up to 352x288 resolution.

It comes with a built in microphone and a notebook mounting clip for mobile use. Other features include manually adjustable focus, snapshot button for still image capture, automatic exposure and white balance control. It's suitable for all the usual webcam uses -- video email, videoconferencing and, ahem, other less salubrious uses. You get oodles of software including Liquid Pics to create liquid-morphing effects on digital photos, Presto! VideoWorks for video editing, ixla VideoPlus for video capture and email, ixla Digital Camera Suite content creation tool for HTML web pages, ixla Explorer for image browsing and storage and ixla Artist image editing software.

And if all that's not enough, VideoLogic is also bunging in a load of shareware and demo software. It's in the shops now and it'll cost you just £69.99.

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