Nuggets: World's first combined MP3/CD walkman

Is it a Discman? Is it an MP3 player? No. It's the combined CD/MP3 player from Pine .

The D Music SM-2000C isn't actually an MP3 player in the traditional sense. There's no onboard memory and no facility for SmartMedia cards. In fact there's not even a sniff of flash memory about the whole product.

Instead of storing your MP3s on tiny, hideously expensive Flash cards you just copy them to a CD, stick it in the player and push play. This is one of the first pieces of hardware that lets you play MP3s on standard CDs. Which really is quite an impressive step forward, as it means that each CD you take with you on your travels can hold up to 100 tracks.

But the really nice thing about this player is that it also supports normal CDs. Which all in all is quite fantastic. You can't actually download music directly from a PC to the player, which is a pity, but Pine promises that it's working on that for the next version.

Its features include title display, anti-shock with 10-second buffer, remote control, and repeat and auto search functions. There's also a four-preset equaliser.

Unfortunately this clever little chap won't be out till February, when it will set you back the pretty reasonable £169.