O2 suspends email-to-phone service

The mobile phone operator is making 'improvements' to its email-to-phone service, resulting in the service being taken offline

O2's email-to-phone offering has been temporarily suspended as the company carries out what it describes are "improvements" to the service.

By the time of publication the mobile operator had been unable to provide any information about the nature of the "improvements" or when users can expect the functionality to return.

The full notice which greets anyone now trying to use the online service says: "Unfortunately, we regret that the 'Email to mobile' service has been temporarily suspended. Don't worry -- the service is not being completely withdrawn, but is offline whilst essential improvements are carried out. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but are confident that the service will resume shortly."

This isn't the first occasion O2's customers have had such problems.

One silicon.com reader said: "It was good until Genie 'upgraded' about two years ago since when it has been, at best, erratic. The worst time was January last year when [O2's] entire email service (Web/WAP/POP3) was down for a week or so."

Meanwhile, O2 -- which sponsors the England rugby team -- is appealing for the safe return of some life-sized cardboard cut-outs of several players which have gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

According to a report on Planet Rugby, O2 produced the figures as part of an MMS promotion which took place during the games against Australia, New Zealand and South Africa last November. The company invited supporters to have their picture taken next to their "heroes".

O2 had hoped to continue this marketing activity during the Six Nations championship which kicked off last weekend -- until it emerged that the cut-outs had been stolen.

O2 is appealing for news of the figures. A spokesman is quoted as saying: "Whilst O2 does not condone theft in any shape or form, we have decided to create a cardboard cut-out amnesty. If the cut-outs are returned safe and sound to Twickenham, there'll be no questions asked and we'll say no more about it. However, we understand if you cannot bear to part from your heroes -- just let us know that they're safe."

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