Ofcom releases details of spectrum auction

The regulator has outlined its plans for the auction of licences for the 1452MHz to 1492MHz band of spectrum, usable for mobile TV and WiMax

Ofcom has released details of its plans to auction licences for the "L-Band" of radio spectrum.

The 1452MHz to 1492MHz band is suitable for various mobile multimedia services, including mobile television, as well as services such as satellite digital radio and WiMax wireless broadband.

The auction will take place online, starting in spring 2008. Ofcom said there will be 16 lots of approximately 1.7MHz each for spectrum from 1452MHz to 1479.5MHz. The remaining spectrum will be auctioned as a single lot.

The release of the L-Band is part of a wider programme to unleash around 400MHz of spectrum at frequencies below 3GHz — which includes the digital dividend, whereby spectrum will be freed up by the switch to digital TV.

L-Band spectrum will be released on a technology- and service-neutral basis, said the regulator, and all licences will be tradable.