Ofcom reveals its New Year's resolutions

Top of the list are releasing more wireless spectrum and promoting competition in converging services

Providing more spectrum for wireless gadgets and increasing competition in the converging fixed line, broadband and TV market will be the top priorities for Ofcom over the next couple of years.

These objectives are part of the regulatory body's draft annual plan for 2007/08 which has been released for consultation.

Ofcom wants to release more radio spectrum for various wireless and mobile technologies to use next year. It also wants to promote the trading of spectrum licences to allow operators to make the best use of the spectrum available.

Promoting competition in the converging market of fixed line and mobile telecoms along with broadband, television and radio is another priority. Encouraging competition and investment with next generation comms networks is also an objective.

It also wants to provide methods for UK consumers to benefit from convergence of services. It plans to do this by promoting content regulation and providing such things as their recently proposed price comparison accreditation scheme.

Industry compliance is another area that will receive attention. This may include the compulsory supply of MAC codes by operators to customers wanting to change broadband supplier, allowing people to switch service easily.

There is also the objective reviewing how to implement the requirement of 2003's Communications Act to provide a more consistent legal and economic framework for UK comms industries.

The proposals will be open for consultation until 20 February, 2007.