Okta's DynamicScale helps apps and websites handle huge traffic bursts

Okta's new offering supports up to 500,000 authentications per minute, while developers will be able to validate performance at 5X to 1,000X their existing API rate limits.

Whan a brand launches a viral marketing campaign or releases a hotly-anticipated product, it should be prepared for a surge of traffic on its apps or website. At the same time, that brand may want to keep tabs on customer identity during those surges, to provide customers with the most secure and personalized experience possible. To that end, the identity management firm Okta on Thursday announced DynamicScale, supporting up to 500,000 authentications per minute. 

"The modern global brand drives millions of users to digital environments that are painstakingly designed to engage users on a daily basis,"  Okta Chief Product Officer Diya Jolly said in a statement. 

The ability to dynamically scale with Okta stands in contrast to in-house identity management solutions, Jolly said, which are tpyically costly and less reliable.  

Beyond the new high-capacity customer identity offering, Okta is enabling DevOps and engineering teams to test the reliability of applications under the stress of high traffic. Specifically, on a monthly basis, teams can validate performance  at 5X to 1,000X their existing core API capacity. 

To further support DevOps and engineering teams, Okta is offering organizations a designated senior support engineer with in-depth knowledge of the customer's technical architecture.