Olloclip for Apple iPhone X: Enhance your camera skills with this new removable lens system

The iPhone X contains Apple's best camera yet, but the image capture experience can be improved through the use of external lenses. Olloclip just released its latest collection for this flagship phone, along with a flip-able single lens system for the iPhone 7/8 and 7/8 Plus.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Apple iPhone X competes well with today's flagship Android phones in the mobile camera department. The image and video creation experience is made better through third party lenses and one company just released an all-new lens system with six available lenses.

Olloclip's new Apple iPhone X mobile lens system incorporates a new Connect X system that is screen protector compatible while aligning the lens system with both the front and dual rear cameras. I've been using two of the six new lenses for about a week and continue to think of creative ways to use the lenses.

There are six lenses now available for the Apple iPhone X, including:

  • Super-Wide: Four-element lens with more than 120° visibility.
  • Ultra-Wide: A 155° action camera field-of-view.
  • Fisheye + Macro 15x: Unique 180° wide-angle spherical effect + 15x increased magnification.
  • Telephoto: 2x optical zoom to get twice as close to the action.
  • Macro 14x + 7x: Get detail oriented and see beyond the naked eye.
  • Macro 21x: Go in for the ultimate close-up.

Each individual lens kit, with mounting bracket, is available for $59.99, with the macro 14x + 7x priced at $79.99. Once you have the mounting bracket, you can purchase individual lenses for $44.99 with the telephoto 2x lens at $59.99.

I was sent the box set that contains the Fisheye + Macro 15x and Super-Wide lenses that will be available to consumers as a $99.99 option from Amazon, Olloclip.com, and other retail locations.

There is also an Olloclip slim case for the iPhone X available for $29.99. I personally love the Caudabe Veil XT ultra-thin case, but there is a ridge around the rear camera opening so the Olloclip doesn't fit on this case.

Using the lenses

The lens mounting system works by pressing in on a button to spread the clamp open. You then fit the clamp on the top right corner of your iPhone X with the rear camera opening fitting snugly into the appropriate mounting ring. The Olloclip name should be placed on the front with the ring around the dual cameras fitting onto the back.

Lenses can be mounted in either direction on the front and back of the clamp. Slide the large button in towards the lens to move the spring and release the tab on one side to then lift out the lens. Lens caps are included with your lens to help protect it as well.

There is a carabiner attached to the pendant stand so you can carry the lenses in your bag. The pendant stand opens and serves as a simply tripod for steady shots.

Olloclip lenses for Apple iPhone X hands-on: in pictures

Super wide lens

The only dual camera setup that incorporates a truly wide angle, 120 degree, view comes to us from LG on its LG G6 and LG V30 smartphones. All the other phones have a telephoto or a monochrome dual camera setup. Thus, a wide angle lens is definitely one to consider when you think about which of the six new Olloclip lenses you wish to purchase.

The super-wide lens I tested on my iPhone X supports 120 degree visibility and I could definitely see more captured in images and video. The lens works fine on the front and rear cameras. The iPhone camera system can be a bit confusing at times since Apple uses technology to adjust its cameras based upon the lighting and conditions while shooting.

Lighting controls whether the iPhone X uses the telephoto camera or wide-angle camera to activate. In low light, the iPhone uses the wide-angle camera for digital zoom. You will experience a black screen when this happens since you are aligned over the telephoto camera and are covering the wide-angle lens. To prevent this, select Portrait Mode when in the telephoto (T) position and it will automatically hard select the telephoto camera, eliminating the wide-angle camera from being activated.

Fisheye + Macro 15x

The fisheye lens is interesting as it gives you 180 degree spherical effect, but I have personally never been much of a fan of this perspective. At first, I couldn't figure out how this lens was also a macro lens until I realized that you twist off the lens to reveal a macro lens underneath.

I have never used a macro lens with 15 times magnification so was surprised by how close you have to be to get content into focus. I took a few photos with this macro mode and think I will have fun testing this mode to capture objects up closer than I have ever held a phone camera. I can't imagine what the 21x macro lens does for iPhone X users.

One great aspect of owning an iPhone is the vast support from case manufacturers and accessory providers. Olloclip just released some interesting lens options to help you get creative with your iPhone X and I cannot wait to try out more lenses soon.

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