Olympic surfers get a shock down under

Typo leads Olympic-hungry surfers to protest sites
Written by Rachel Munro, Contributor
Visitors attempting to reach the official Olympic Games Web site may get a surprise if their typing isn't up to scratch. Australian activists, under the banner of the Sydney Independent Media Centre, have nabbed the address www.olympisc.com and are using it to promote a variety of causes, including pro-squatting protests and aboriginal issues. "The Sydney Indymedia website will be a permanent record of our experience of protesting the many social injustices highlighted and/or exacerbated by the Olympics," the group announces on its site. "Typo" addresses have often been used to draw attention to sites and even employed for scams such as the "PayPaI" scam, where an upper case I was substituted for a lower case I in the address for a payment company and Russian fraudsters pilfered customers' user names and passwords. Take me to Sydney 2000
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