Olympic visitors to Oz can stay connected

You can bring your GSM phone along for the ride, or hire one of Cellhire's packages for the duration of your stay

Sports fans who travel to Australia to watch this summer's Olympic Games won't have to leave their GSM phone behind.

Cellhire, a mobile phone rental company with offices in Europe and the US, announced Wednesday that it will offer visitors to Australia a range of phone hire options. A GSM phone owner can rent a SIM card charged with local airtime, which will allow them to use their existing handset while abroad. Under this deal, users are tied into making at least £14 worth of calls per month.

Those with non-GSM phones will be able to hire a handset and airtime, with prices starting at £82 for a four-week loan, or choose a prepay package costing £160 which includes around £40 of calls. Incoming calls are free for all packages.

Radioshack Canada has already teamed up with Cellhire, allowing Canadians to register for the service online. Cellhire has previously offered phone and SIM card rental packages for G7 summits and various sporting events including the 1999 Rugby World Cup. The Olympics start on 15th September.

Stay tuned for ZDNet News coverage of the Sydney Olympics.

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