On the scene: What the Microsoft delegation is doing in Copenhagen

Want to know where Microsoft stands on the Copenhagen talks? Here's a portal where you can read about its participation.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

If you think about it, Copenhagen represents one of the biggest government technology lobbying opportunities in a long time. So it's little wonder that the biggest of the big are falling all over themselves to showcase their technologies as alleviating some of the impact that the corporate world is having on climate change. Just was looking at this web portal from Microsoft, which was late to the game of positioning the green-ness of its technology but is now doing a bang-up jump of positioning itself at the center of green IT discussions.

Microsoft's focus as far as green tech goes is on the following three areas, which I plucked from the aforementioned portal. It believes the agenda should be on technology that:

  • Empowers people and organizations with software tools that help increase energy efficiency.
  • Accelerates innovation and deployment of clean energy sources through research and development.
  • Provides government decision makers with tools to better predict the impact of climate change through the aggregation of large amounts of scientific data as well as on-the-ground information provided from local citizens.

You can also read Microsoft's position on the Cophenhagen talks on this Web portal.

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