One-click MP3 albums arrive

Now you can download albums in MP3 format in just one click
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

Emusic announced on Thursday what it claims is the first service that allows consumers to download entire albums of digital music.

Customers visiting the company's Web site will be able to download entire albums in MP3 format with just one click. Although albums of MP3 content have been offered over the Web for some time, users previously had to download each track individually.

"While others concentrate on adding complex security restrictions to digital music," explained Emusic chief executive, Gene Hoffman, "Emusic is focused on making it easier for consumers. Downloadable music is all about providing a more convenient way for fans to manage and listen to their music collections."

Emusic, which sells music from licensed artists, is offering 7,000 downloadable albums for $8.99 (£5.70) each. The automatic album downloads are supported by the majority of MP3 software players, such as Winamp and RealJukebox.

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