Here's how to clear all your iPhone notifications with a single tap

Do you get a lot of notifications on your iPhone? Do you clear them out every day? Most of us don't. Here's a handy tip to do it all in one tap.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

Image: Apple

Sometimes, I'll go days (or even weeks) before the clutter begins to get to me, and I want to clear them all out. The annoyance factor is that I really don't like having to individually clear out each day's set of notifications.

Yeah, I know it's pretty much a first-world problem, but still, every tap eats up a small amount of my soul.

Fortunately, the solution is one tap (and hold) away. That's the idea behind our new one-click wonder series (which we've creatively extended to allow a quick tap or two, as well). Every so often, we'll share with you simple solutions to eradicate minor annoyances.

In this case, all you need to do is press and hold the little X on your notifications. This is a 3D touch move, so you'll need an iPhone 6s or newer phone (sorry, SE owners, you don't have 3D touch). If your notifications aren't visible, just slide them down from the top and then tap and hold the X.

Poof! No more notifications.


Image: Apple

For you Apple Watch owners, clearing notifications work pretty much the same way. The Watch has 3D touch as well (although for some reason Apple calls it force touch on the Watch). In any case, drag down your notifications from your watch face screen, press and hold, and then dismiss all your notifications.

It's almost like magic.

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