One free fabric/bluetooth keyboard goes to ZDNet's 11th Deputy Tester of the Week

Slammed again. Yes, that's what happens when you give cool technology away to your audience members.

Slammed again. Yes, that's what happens when you give cool technology away to your audience members. They slam you with applications (not that we mind). So far, I've given away close to $2500 in tech and I'm not about to stop (for all the giveaway coverage, click here). This week were giving away GoodHope Bags' Smart-Fabric Wireless Keyboard -- a Bluetooth-based keyboard that rolls up and can fit in your shirt pocket (see the original video I did with this softshell keyboard, pictured left). It's valued at approximately $165 and it comes with a small stand for holding your smartphone or PDA at a viewable angle while you’re using the keyboard to type (instead of using your thumbs).

Anway, as you can see from the comments to my original write-up, we've had about 70 responses. Some made us laugh. Some made us cry. And others made us wish we had 10 more keyboards to give away. So, I though I'd share some of what I read this morning:

Nutkrkr: I am chained to my blackberry 24X7 since I am a Security Manager for a financial institution.

TechDiva: I spend a lot of time traveling in support of several facilities and I cannot stand to touch some of the keyboards at times (people with colds, etc.). A portable, rollup keyboard like this would be perfect to protect my health and would weigh a lot less than a can of disinfectant spray.

Gasman: [Because of my cancer treatments], I was planning to move my main PC into the bedroom and hook up a cheap keyboard & mouse that could be disposed of as medical waste afterwards (I have to wash everything that I come in contact with while I'm 'hot' so that no one else comes into contact with the radioactive iodine that's purging out of my body). If this thing is washable, it would be perfect.

Patrick Hodges: This product appears to be something I would actually use fairly often. I am constantly on the go working in the news business and as a photographer. because I am so often out of the office and away from a computer I use my Treo 650 to write proposals compose e-mails and work on documents...

DSestes: I am a college student at Indiana University, taking a class with a professor who talks way too fast for me to write down what she is saying. However, if she hears me typing, she explodes. If I had this thing, I could type silently....

FloridaGator: I am a Nuclear & Radiological Engineering student and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering web programmer at the University of Florida, home of the Football-Basketball-Football 2006/2007 NCAA National Champions.....I'm a University of Florida Gator, so you know I'll win. :-)

Fingers: I have a true testing lab and 10 month old daughter.
TJMark: My cat loves to pull things off of my desk or any counter.....
AdamsSJ: I can provide the acid test: My daughter just turned four. She did not inherit my skill with hardware....
GollerK: At my jewelry shows, I use my Treo/PC/printer setup to process credit card transactions. I've tried and don't like the little mini bluetooth folding keyboards - just too small and klunky.
PetButterfly: I am a student so the less I have to cart around the better! Since my laptop died I have been trying to make due with the UMPC but the keyboard is NOT designed for typing papers so having something I could actually type on would be so much easier.

But the one that really captured our attention came from Brian Crawford who wrote:

We are implementing mobile carts for clinical computers in our healthcare facilities. We're challenged with keeping the keyboards clinically clean across many varied users (nurses, doctors, etc.) and locations. The carts currently use laptops with wired, separate, standard keyboards. We've tried skins but they have been problematic. If these are washable....

Indeed, one of the selling points of the G-Tech wireless keyboard is that its washable. So, Brian, I'd love to hear about how well this works out in your healthcare environment.
So you didn't win? Trust me. I feel as badly as you do. If I could have it my way, I give a keyboard to everyone who wrote in. You've all been so very great about trying to join our Deputy Tester of the Week program. I really appreciate it. So, keep trying, will ya? Stay tuned for our next giveaway (video coming this Monday).
Oh, and one more thing: we can only accept entries through our talkback/comment system. I'm receiving more and more e-mail entries and, unfortunately, we can't accept those. Thanks!