One month with my iPhone 7 Plus: The best device for important work

From standby time and overall battery life to water resistance and performance, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus excels where it counts for getting critical work done.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Water resistance has become a new requirement for any phone I purchase.

It's been just over a month since I purchased my Apple iPhone 7 Plus and after receiving an urgent call to respond to a marine casualty, the iPhone 7 Plus is where my main T-Mobile SIM went as I packed up my things and headed to the airport.

A couple of months ago, I would have taken the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but today carrying that phone on a plane is a federal crime. With the Note 7 out of the market, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is what I consider the best smartphone available today and it continues to prove itself every day I carry it as my primary phone.

While on site for a marine casualty where more than 100 people were helping with the response, every person I saw using a phone, except for one Samsung Note 5 user, was using an Apple iPhone. There are several reasons I consider the iPhone 7 Plus to be the best phone for business, especially when you need your phone to perform reliably for long periods of time or the job just doesn't get done, and they include:

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  1. Standby time: Apple often uses the word magic in its launch event presentations and advertising, but when it comes to standby time I honestly think this word applies. I can set my iPhone 7 Plus down for hours with the display off and when I pick it up again it shows barely any drop in available battery capacity. This is critical when you are working long hours without access to power and I have yet to see an Android phone come close to matching this capability.
  2. Battery life: Battery life is associated with the excellent standby time, but even when in use my iPhone 7 Plus seems to just sip power. I have yet to have my iPhone 7 Plus run out of power since I've owned it and I do not charge it up as much as I do my Android phones.
  3. Water resistance: While working in the field, I often spend time communicating with others and taking photos in the rain. With new flagships launching with water resistance, it has become a new requirement for any phone I purchase. I need my phone to work where I need to be and can't worry about carrying my phone in a plastic bag or some kind of bulky case. While I don't plan to swim with my phone, being able to handle some elements is essential to my work.
  4. Performance: The iPhone 7 Plus is screaming fast and jumping into and out of multiple apps is flawless all the time. Scrolling up and down web pages and in apps is extremely fluid and there is nothing I can be critical of when it comes to being snappy and reliable.
  5. Microsoft Outlook: I haven't used Apple's email app for a couple of years now as I find the Microsoft Outlook app to be outstanding. With icons along the bottom to jump to my calendar, files, and people the iOS version of Microsoft's software is better than the Android client. Outlook gives me the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with my team of engineers and is my most used app on the iPhone 7 Plus.
  6. 3D Touch: 3D Touch launched last year on the iPhone and it continues to get better all of the time. I use it constantly to quickly perform functions within apps without ever even launching the application. Peek and Pop functions offer some unique experiences too.
  7. Hey Siri: In the past I really only used Siri to create reminders. My usage has taken off with the ability to now initiate Siri hands-free at all times. I am regularly creating reminders, taking notes, checking on my sports teams, communicating with people, and more thanks to the improvements in Siri.
  8. Universal search: More than ever before I simply swipe down on an open spot on my home screen and enter a contact's name in order to quickly view the contact details, recent text messages, and emails found in Outlook. Android devices don't provide this information as fast or in such an incredible format as iOS. This is essential for important communications and the more I use it the more vital it becomes.
  9. Camera: The iPhone camera continues to improve each year and although there is not a ton of advanced shooting options, the camera launches and shoots quickly in automatic mode. I've captured some great photos and videos, including some fun bokeh effect portraits using the beta software.

I also love the large display of the iPhone 7 Plus, the stereo speakers, the new widget panel, the control center, the night shift functionality, the ability for the alarm to reliably wake me every day I am on the road, the excellent smartwatch companion experience with the Apple Watch, and more.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the phone I trust when the going gets tough and I need to make sure I have a tool in my pocket that will get the job done and perform all day long.

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