One simple (and free) tool to help keep your Windows PC updated

Keeping your Windows PC fully patched and updated is a vital defense against hackers and malware, but applying patching can be a pain. Here's a simple (and free) download that will help you streamline the process.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Patch My PC

We all know the importance of keeping both Windows and the applications you run on your PC fully patched, but the reality is that updating software takes time - time where you usually have something better to be doing.

Enter Patch My PC.

This small - and free - utility can not only monitor over a hundred common applications for updates, but can also install those for you silently while you work. Applications it is compatible with range from commonly used products such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Flash Player to more obscure stuff such as ImgBurn and SandBoxie.

And just in case that makes you worried about getting a ton of bloatware on your system, if Patch My PC detects any bloatware payload with an update, it silently remove that too.

The tool is also portable, meaning that you can pop it onto a USB flash drive and run it on multiple systems. And it can also scan for missing Windows updates.

If you want a more pain-free PC experience then this is well worth checking out. Also, if you happen to be the IT guy or gal for your friends or family, then this tool can save you a lot of time, effort, and unnecessary hand-holding.

This is a Windows-only utility, so OS X users are out of luck I'm afraid.

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