One Year Ago: Evergreen challenges OverDrive

This story first published May 20, 1997
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Upgrade specialist Evergreen Technologies plans to run Intel's Pentium OverDrive off the road with a series of low-cost processor upgrades.

Out next month, Evergreen's Cyrix 6x86 P166+-based processor upgrade family (£199 + VAT) will boost 75, 90 and 100MHz Intel processors above a 166MHz Pentium, according to the company. This compares with Intel's 75MHz to 125MHz Intel OverDrive processor (£249 + VAT), 90MHz to 150MHz OverDrive (£319 + VAT) and 100MHz to 166MHz OverDrive (£419 + VAT).

The Evergreen upgrade replaces the original Pentium processor on Intel motherboards including the Aladdin, Zappa, Atlantis, Thor, Morrison, Marl and Endeavor models.

Evergreen can be contacted by telephone on 01379-649200.

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