Online gambling and pornography

Surfers spend more time at adult sites than gambling sites; and is the champ of online betting houses - according to a NetValue report.

  • Surfers spending more time at adult sites than gambling sites
  • leads the gambling sites
  • Less students visiting adult sites

Surfers spending more time at adults sites than gambling site

The reach across gambling sites indicated a gradual decreasing trend across the last three months.

In January 2001, 273,510 people visited gambling sites. That number has since declined to about 264,000 people across the months.

“The average time spent at these sites has also decreased from 20.3 minutes to about 12.5 minutes per user across February and March 2001, respectively.” Said Dr. Jack Loo, Country Manager for NetValue (Singapore).

Reach across adults sites, on the other hand, leveled off at 35.7% or about 288,760 visitors. “Although the reach across adults and gambling sites are somewhat similar, visitors on the average spent more than five times longer at the adults sites. “ said Dr. Jack Loo.

Fig 1. Visitos to online gambling and adult sectors
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The local lead the gambling sites with a reach of 11.4%, followed by (7.0%).

“Reach across has been relatively stable, decreasing only slightly from 12.6% in January 2001 to 11.4% in March 2001” said Dr. Jack Loo.

Fig 2. Top five online gambling sites (March 2001)
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Less Students Visiting Adults Sites

Visitors to the gambling and adults sectors are generally young male adults below the age of 25. These sectors are dominated by two groups namely, (i) professionals and executives (comprised 38.8% and 41.9% of the visitorship to adults and gambling sites, respectively) and; (ii) students (comprised of about one-third of the visitorship to both sectors).

“The positive news is that the proportion of students visiting adults sites has declined from 40% in January 2001 to 32.6% in March 2001. There is also a significant drop in the 15 to 24 years age group, from 46.4% to 36.6% across January and March 2001, respectively” said Dr. Jack Loo.

“Interestingly, the proportion of Internet surfers below the age of 15 constituted 2.6% of the overall visitorship to the adults sites in January 2001. That proportion has since increased to 5.4% in March 2001” added Dr.Loo.

“The profile and composition of visitors to the gambling sites, however, remained relatively unchanged since January 2001” said Dr. Jack Loo.

Fig 3. Profile of visitors to adults and gambling sites
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Report provided by NetValue