Oracle exchange products

This is the general product features that is linked to the story "Oracle launched new products for e-exchange."

The Oracle Exchange products and features, according to company press releases, include the following:

Oracle Supply Chain Exchange:

  • Connects trading partners with different enterprise systems to enable real time inter-enterprise event management, collaboration and performance measurement.
  • Provides supply and demand visibility, multi-enterprise order tracking and inventory visibility across collaborating trading partners.
  • Collaborative planning and optimization features that allow partners to run joint promotion plans, new product introductions and cross-partner checks.
  • Proactively notifies partners of exceptions and integrates performance measurement function.

Oracle Transportation Exchange:

  • Serves as an open, integrated marketplace for the buying and selling of transportation services.
  • Shippers can manage the buying of logistics services, contract or spot, across all modes, inclusive of storage and warehouse services.
  • Transportation providers can sell capacity for multi-mode transport, produce additional capacity for shortages and capture and review shipping documents.
  • Through Integartion with Supply Chain Exchange, help match transportation capacity to forecasted demand, manage intransit inventories and increase visibility to exceptions.

Oracle Product Development Exchange:

  • Addresses product information management, document management, project collaboration and product development intelligence.
  • Centralize project management information and document.