Oracle sharpens up mobile app development tools

Oracle has added new features to its mobile development framework, designed to speed up the creation of enterprise apps.
Written by Toby Wolpe, Contributor

Oracle says the latest version of its mobile development toolkit makes it easier for programmers to build applications for a range of operating systems from a single code base.

Mobile Release 1.1 of the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile, generally available now, extends support to newer versions of operating systems, including iOS and Android, and adds device-native push notification and full file attachment viewing.

Oracle's framework also offers a new infrastructure for integrating devices based on Apache Cordova APIs, which allow developers to access native functionality using JavaScript.

"With push notification and the new Cordova infrastructure, Oracle ADF Mobile 1.1 further enhances developer productivity and enables them to cost-effectively deliver mobile applications faster,” said Chris Tonas, Oracle vice president application development tools, in a statement.

The framework, which is part of Oracle's Fusion middleware, is based on Java and HTML5 and is designed to allow developers to create and deploy applications to an estate of mobile devices running various operating systems.

According to Oracle, support for device-native push notification means updates from enterprise systems and middleware are pushed instantly to mobile applications. With full file attachment viewing, a mobile app can show various types of file attachments and mitigate differences in platform.

Also included in the latest version are new components for data visualisation, including rating and dial gauges. Badging support gives mobile users visual indicators for application events and updates. The framework also now supports languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, which read from right to left.

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