At Software 2005:Novell will standardize on Macs and Tiger for development.On Skype:Audio Hijack Pro 2.
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At Software 2005:

Novell will standardize on Macs and Tiger for development.

On Skype:

Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 is out with podcasting support for Skyoe recording.

On IT Conversations:

Web Talk's Rob Greenlee talks with Bridge Ratings' Dave Van Dyke about where terrestial radio's dropping numbers are going. Hi ho hi ho podcasting we go...

On InfoRouter:

Now that Om has joined the FTF Club (you rock, Om) a tweak request for paidContent. Could you identify the author in the feed item too. I had to go here to find out it was Rafat. Corrante does it in The Title (Shirky). If it's a WordPress thing, attention Matt. If not, why not?

On my Blackberry

Nothing. I've been cut off. Whimper. Somebody come up with a Blackberry with RSS over Skype IM, wardriving relaycasts over Skype Out/In, and a 1 megabit camera please. More whimpering.

On Channel 9:

My name taken in vain at the start of Allchin's Last Stand: The Remake. Scoble reprises his infamous role as the video interogator and Jim is genuinely relaxed and open. But his early comments about RSS being all the rage right now but... present a nice contrast to Adam Bosworth's MySQL speech last week, which Doug Kaye tells me should be up soon on ITC. Stay tuned.


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