OWC unveils Rover Pro wheels for the Mac Pro

Apple's wheel kit will set you back $699. The Rover Pro wheels cost $249 but are currently available at the special pre-order price of $199.

Is your Mac Pro going places? It will be with the new OWC Rover Pro wheel kit.

Now, OK, Apple do make a wheel kit for the Mac Pro, but for $699 that's pretty steep for many people, even people who've just dropped many thousands on a Mac Pro. OWC's Rover Pro kit is normally priced at $249, but you can pick them up right now at the special pre-order price of $199.

So, what is the Rover Pro wheel kit? They're wheels that fit onto the bottom of the Mac Pro.


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OWC Rover Pro highlights

  • Toolless install: hand tightens in under two minutes
  • Highly positional: 360-degree articulating wheels
  • Non-marking soft rubber tread wheels with low friction bearings
  • Highly polished stainless-steel matches the Mac Pro
  • Vibration-absorbing silicone rubber pad preserves factory feet finish

The wheels are made of highly polished stainless steel, and feature vibration absorbing silicone rubber treads. They're smooth, silent, spin around 360-degrees on low friction bearings, and don't leave marks.

You can fit them and take them off in two minutes, no tools required.

There are even wheel stops for when you don't want your Mac Pro to roll away.

And they come with OWC's limited lifetime warranty.

The OWC Rover Pro can be ordered now at the special limited-time pricing, and will begin shipping in September.

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