Page tells Oracle: We did nothing wrong

Google chief executive Larry Page has taken the stand again in the legal battle between his company and Oracle over the use of patents in Android
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Google chief executive Larry Page returned to court on Wednesday morning to retake the stand as a witness in the legal battle between Google and Oracle over patents and copyrights related to Java.

Yet, as demonstrated during Page's initial testimony on the stand on Tuesday afternoon, as well as during the video of his deposition from last August, Page continuously denied much — if any — knowledge regarding discussions about Java licences and Google engineers copying Java API codes.

Oracle attorney David Boies started off by asking Page, "Would it have been a violation of Google policy for Google engineers to copy copyrighted materials of other companies?"

Page replied, "Again, as I said yesterday, I think we did nothing wrong," explaining that his company is "very careful" about what information it did and did not use.

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