Palm to unveil translucent Palm IIIe

The translucent curves of the new iBook may not appeal to everyone, but the designers at Palm Computing are apparently so impressed that they will today unveil a see-through version of their own Palm IIIe PDA.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

It is unlikely this is the start of a craze for transparent hardware among all computer manufacturers, however. It has for a while been rumoured that Palm is working with Apple on producing an Apple PDA.

The new design could be an effort to steal some of the thunder from a start-up company called Hanspring, created by Palm co-founders, Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins, which is believed to be close to producing a low-cost device based largely on Palm technology.

This design will also probably be anti-climax for those hoping for an iMac PDA. For that revolution in hand-held computing, consumers will have to wait a little longer, or go to ZDNet's own Apple PDA design.

The new Palm, code-named The Graduate, will cost around $229.

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