Panasonic releases first DVD notebook

Panasonic has released the first notebook to offer an internal DVD-ROM drive.

The Japanese giant was among the very first vendors to offer a CD-ROM drive notebook and now its CF-63 creates another first. The notebook also builds in a MPEG-2 codec and has a 13.3-inch 1,024 x 768 TFT screen driven by an S3 Virge MX chipset with 4Mb SGRAM, making it suitable for video training and other niche multimedia tasks.

The DVD drives also does double duty - it can be used a 20-speed CD-ROM drive to preserve user investment in the older technology.

The unit is based on a 166MHz MMX Pentium processor with 32Mb EDO RAM and 3.24Gb hard drive and comes with a lithium ion battery as standard.

List price is £3,999 + VAT.