Paradise Lost: Paris Hilton arrives on Google+

While some of us seriously debated about privacy and real names on Google+, Google's online social network took a populist turn with Paris Hilton's arrival.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Those of us lucky enough to be on Google+ love it. Oh, we may get really upset about Google's real name policies, and how Google's attempts to improve it haven't gone far enough. But, we only get so passionate about it because we love it so. We love how it allows us to have intelligent, private conversations in our select circles, how we can have multiple-person video-conferences at will, and how.... who the heck let Paris Hilton in here!


Yes. It's true. Google+ has gone from being the hangout of the technical elite and buddies to being the latest online hangout of that star of amateur porn and really, really bad reality TV, Paris Hilton.

At first, I thought maybe it was just someone pretending to be Paris Hilton, no matter what Google might have to say about 'real names.' No such luck, she's the real deal. In so much as the word 'real,' has anything to do with her. She confirmed it on her Web site.

Oh well, at least Taylor Swift isn't here yet.... What!? She is! Get out of here! Oh well, at least Taylor has real talent.

Now just so long as Justin Bieber, isn't on Google+ I guess I'll live. There are, however, at least six fakes ones and a fan club, but the 'real' one hasn't shown up yet.

I know it's only a matter of time though. Google+ has, for better or worse, become “popular.”

The horror! The horror!

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