Pay-as-you-go for iPhone 3G

The tariff free way…

The tariff free way…

O2 UK has revealed how much it will cost to own a pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G.

An 8GB device will be available for £349.99 - or for those who seek to go large, the 16GB will go for £399.99.

Pay-as-you-go iPhone customers will get 12 months unlimited browsing and wi-fi at hotspots from O2's partners BT Openzone and The Cloud, subject to excessive usage policy.

After that, if customers want to carry on getting unlimited data love on their Pay & Go iPhone 3G, they'll need to pay £10 per month. Otherwise data usage will be charged on a per MB basis, according to an O2 spokeswoman, with each MB charged at £3.

Visual voicemail and call merging won't be available with Pay & Go, O2 said.

Pay-as-you-go iPhones will be available from 16 September in O2 stores, The Carphone Warehouse and Apple stores.