Pay-per-use package makes disaster recovery affordable

SMBs can prepare for disasters without investing in expensive hardware and software.

SINGAPORE--Small and medium-sized businesses in the Asia-Pacific region can now prepare for the unexpected--system failures and natural disasters--without incurring huge IT infrastructure costs.

IBM Singapore, SingTel EXPAN and Cavu Corp, a Singapore-based IT consultancy, have teamed up to offer disaster recovery services for a monthly subscription fee starting from S$6,000 (US$3,600).

Vincent Chia, business development manager for Cavu, told ZDNet Asia that a company would be able to use an IBM Blade server for a year at S$6,000 (US$3,600). "This can be used to host Windows or Linux applications at SingTel EXPAN’s data center," he said.

With this pay-per-use model, SMBs do not need to invest in their own hardware. “Many of our customers today have a requirement for disaster recovery services but are put off by the prohibitive costs of the hardware," said Vesmond Wong, general manager for Cavu.

IBM and Cavu have jointly invested in this new initiative to install IBM hardware at SingTel's EXPAN data centers, for customers to host the required applications. IBM will provide 24/7 maintenance support, while Cavu will offer migration services for businesses.