Pelican Shield and Adventurer cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Drop protection with lifetime guarantee

The Galaxy S10 Plus has it all and is the current best smartphone available so people will want to take it everywhere. Pelican has great options for protecting your expensive phone to keep it safe for years.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

When you visit your local carrier or retail electronics store you can find Samsung's new Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus along with an assortment of case options. It's been a month since I've been testing out a Galaxy S10 Plus and for the last week I've been using a couple of the new Pelican case options with this new phone.

I've been using Pelican cases for years to carry around various tools and measuring instruments for my engineering work. These have proven to protect my gear through all sorts of rough handling and exposure to the marine environment. It was interesting to see one of these two cases have small latches similar to what I've been using on these luggage-type cases.

Pelican offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage or defects in workmanship of its cases. It is a trusted brand with high quality products offering impact resistance and protection for your mobile gear.

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Pelican Shield

The Pelican Shield is available now for $59.99 with black as the only available color option. The Pelican Shield is one of the most protective cases available with five levels of performance and protection and a drop protection certification three times the MIL-STD 810G standard specification. Your Galaxy S10 Plus will be protected in this case.

The Shield system is composed of three parts; the back panel with three latches and seals, the front frame piece, and the holster. The case is constructred of aramid fibers, which is used in Dupont Kevlar gear. This material is eight times stronger than steel wiring so you know your case is going to withstand just about anything you throw at it.

First rest your Galaxy S10 Plus down on the back panel, noting the rubber seal around the edges of the phone and the rear triple camera opening. There are cutouts for the left and right side buttons, as well as for the 3.5mm headset jack and USB-C port. These two bottom ports also have rubber port covers that securely close up these openings.

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Next snap in the top frame piece around all of the edges. Flip the three latches up and closed to secure the top frame piece onto your phone that will ensure the case stays in place if you ever drop your phone. The top frame piece also has rubber seals around it with rubber inserts for the left and right side buttons. Well defined buttons are found on the outside of these rubber inserts so that using the buttons is not compromised with your phone in the case.

The case is an industrial looking product with MIL-STD 810G stamped on the front, along with raised pieces of polycarbonate that are attached around the front edges. It's clearly a case for business and field work with the level of protection to back that up. The case only weighs 136 grams and is not too bulky so you get a great level of protection without much compromise in size and weight.

The third piece of the system, the holster, is one of my favorite parts. You can put the phone in backwards with the screen facing out and then use the holster as a kickstand to enjoy media content on your Galaxy S10 Plus. This is perfect for commuting, traveling, or even having video calls with others as you use your two hands to work in the field.

Pelican Shield and Adventurer cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: in pictures

Pelican Adventurer

For those who want MIL-STD 810G drop protection with a much sleaker and slimmer case design, Pelican offers the Adventurer case in clear, clear/black, and rose gold/gray. The case is priced at $29.99.

Pelican uses its HPX force impact technology to help distribute the forces from a drop through the case and not through the phone. I tested the clear model case and it is great at letting you enjoy the Prism colors of the S10 Plus. The back and parts of the edges are rigid plastic while the edges also incorporate Pelican's soft-grip material.

Raised buttons built into the case let you easily control the power, volume, and Bixby functions. Openings for mics, the headset jack, USB-C port, and speaker are also present around the case. It is a very simply and elegant design while also providing sound drop protection.

The back panel is not textured in any way so I noticed the phone tends to move around easily on a desk or other slick surface. The case only weighs in at 77 grams while adding a few millimeters on each side of your phone. The triple rear camera is not compromised in any way either.

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