Perot Systems acquires QSS Group

$250 million deal gives Perot an IT contractor with ties to defense, intelligence, HHS and Treasury.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor on

Perot Systems Corp. acquired QSS Group Inc., a federal IT contractor. The $250 million deal is Perot Systems' seventh acquisition since the company entered the federal business in 2002. Perot will have 3.400 employees and $600 million in revenue.

"We looked to launch a strategy that would put us against the more well-known players in our industry," said Jim Ballard, president of Perot Systems Government Services. "We're going after very specific contracts . . . this year, we've taken a much more aggressive stance in the market."

QSS Group currently has contracts with the U.S. Army, Department of Health and Human Services, NASA, the Department of the Treasury and the intelligence community. QSS Group is also the lead integrator in 90 percent of its contracts, while Perot Systems is the lead in about 75 percent of contracts.

This year, Perot Systems had more than $300 million in new contract wins with new customers, said Peter Altabef, the company's president and chief executive. Some of its larger contracts include streamlining the Department of Education's virtual data center, maintaining information services for the Office of Women's Health for the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Homeland Security's multibillion-dollar project to revamp the department's technology systems.
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