PersTel range to get universal cradle

CeBIT: PersTel's entire range of portable entertainment devices - including MP3 players and DAB radios - can be recharged on its universal cradle, called Homekit
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Korean manufacturer PersTel is set to launch a new cradle re-charger with built-in speakers that is compatible with its full range of personal electronics kit, including MP3 players and digital radio receivers.

Called Homekit, the product is designed to sit on a desktop ready for devices to be slipped into a slot when they need recharging.

Its two speakers have a total output of two watts, and sit at the top of the device -- rather like a mouse's ears. In total, it is 300mm by 180mm by 136mm in size, and it is set to ship in the UK in June or July this year. PersTel makes a range of MP3 players and tiny DAB (digital audio broadcasting) receivers, and Homekit is compatible with the full range. The advantage, the company said, is that consumers can listen over Homekit's speakers while the devices recharge.

When the Homekit was displayed at Comdex last year it did was not compatible with PersTel's DAB range -- Chris Patel, PersTel director, said that his company had decided to add this functionality after seeing a good level of interest in the product at the Las Vegas show.

Patel also explained that PersTel will this year launch a device that combines a DAB receiver, a TV Tuner, and an MP3 player.

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