PGP launches network storage encryption product

PGP Netshare will foil disgruntled employees who try to leak sensitive information, according to the open source encryption company
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor

Encryption company PGP has launched a network storage product, PGP Netshare, that encrypts files stored and shared on network servers.

Content is automatically encrypted when saved to a Netshare folder, remains encrypted when transferred to desktops, and can only be decrypted by those with authorised access.

"Administrators can synchronise PGP NetShare with existing access control lists and directory permissions to ensure network files are appropriately encrypted, as well as grant users the ability to create PGP NetShare-protected folders," said the company in a statement.

The product is platform-agnostic, and the company claims it works with all types of local and network storage devices, including Windows-based servers, network-attached storage (NAS), and storage area networks (SANs). The product is also file-format agnostic, the company said.

Network administrators can backup and store files while they are encrypted, and files remain encrypted when transferred over networks. Unauthorised users attempting to access files see only ciphertext. IT administrators can manage and backup PGP NetShare-protected files and folders without requiring content viewing privileges.

"PGP NetShare was developed in response to global customer demand, because organisations are recognising that data perpetually shared is data perpetually at risk," said PGP Corporation president and chief executive Phillip Dunkelberger. "Industry estimates vary, but approximately 50 percent of all data security breaches occur from within an organisation."

PGP NetShare will be available in English, German, and Japanese in early Q4 2006 through PGP Corporation's channel partners.

Pricing begins at $149 (£80) for a single unit. PGP NetShare will also be available in bundles with other PGP applications, said the company.

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