Phyn's new Smart Water Sensor watches for water leaks and alerts you when there's trouble

A new, standalone device from Phyn can be put almost anywhere.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer on

Instead of connecting a Phyn Plus to your home or office water supply to monitor for leaks, the company on Thursday announced the new Smart Water Sensor. The small hockey puck-like device forgoes the requirement of being installed on your main water line; you can place the gadget anywhere it fits and it will start monitoring for water, changes in temperature, and humidity. 

In other words, you can put one behind your washing machine, or maybe one under your kitchen or bathroom sink, and if it ever detects water, you'll get an alert on your phone so you can take action. Alerts are sent via text message, through the Phyn app, or audible alerts from the Smart Water Sensor.  

In addition to water detection, you can set alerts for high humidity (which can cause mold) or for low temperatures to warn you of the possibility that pipes will freeze. 


If you do happen to have a Phyn Plus, you can connect the two devices, and when a leak is detected by the Smart Water Sensor, it'll tell the Plus to shut off your water. 

In addition to the Smart Water Sensor, Phyn is also releasing two accessories for the sensor. There's an extension node that connects to the sensor and fits in small places, like under your fridge or washing machine. The other accessory, a Water Sensor Cable, can extend the water detection by 4 feet -- or you can connect three of them to extend it up to 12 feet -- perfect for creating a permitter around your water heater. 

The Smart Sensor is battery powered, and according to Phyn, will last up to two years depending on use. 

You can order the Phyn Water Sensor for $39.99, the Extension Node for $9.99, and the Sensor Cable for $25.99 starting today from Phyn.com or Best Buy.

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